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i'm in my second trimester now. Is it safe to do any hair services? Like rebonding, treatment? Are there any recommendations of salon that I can go to? My hair is driving me crazy.

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Hmm. It’s different for different pregnancy... when I was pregnant with my first child I did all kind of hair services and it’s fine. I had my hair coloured / bleach and stuffs. Everything is ok. When I had the next one... I didn’t knew I was pregnant and it didn’t work well :( I did the same treatment thou.. and then I had huge bleeding and went to the hospital. After a few months... I got pregnant again and I didn’t do anything. I avoid all kind of treatment / hair services.

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hello mama, my gynae who is super experienced told me that some babies are born with a stiff shoulder and that they can't really move it for the first few weeks . in his experience he said it's always due to mother's undergoing some form of chemical treatments /hair dying for their hair. please avoid at all cost. not worth risking ur child in my opinion

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U r so lucky. I can't smell any chemical smell. Sanitizer , hand wash ,neighbour wash clothes etc even my hubby bathing I find all smelly n nauseous. So I don't dare not even hair cut. Ask hubby cut for me.

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Better not, avoid those chemical stuff. Maybe do it after delivery. If doing breastfeeding try check with your gynae whether safe to do reborn anot

i suggest momsh to wait nalang after mo manganak. but still i recommend na avoid muna kahit after manganak para narin sa safety ni baby

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I would recommend holding off all these hair treatments with chemicals.. maybe just cut and layer the hair for now?

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Nope. Not recommended. I personally won't take any risk. 😊

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Best not. The chemicals can cross the placenta and affect your baby

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Avoid chemical treatments at all cost.

I avoided that during my pregnancy