Is it ok to use a sleeping bag for newborn? Or swaddle is ok?

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There are sleeping bags for newborns between 0 to 6 months but I prefer swaddling as it makes them feel snug and secure. Sleeping bags have free space for their legs to move around and newborns may be startled awake by their Moro reflex. I used the Aden and Anais muslin swaddles as well as SwaddleMe swaddles which were easy to put on. Now that she's a lot bigger, she doesn't need to be swaddled and sleeps with a blanket. She doesn't wear sleeping bags anymore either.

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my LO hates to be covered, if he could sleep butt naked, he would. so we only swaddle him when we go out because swaddling him feel so secured due to the newborn body being very fragile. but as soon as we got home, he'd wringle so much until the swaddle is completely off him.

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Newborns will prefer to be swaddled as it keeps them comforted. You can start to use a sleeping bag around 2-3 months.

My baby prefers to be swaddles vs a sleeping bag. :)

Prefer to swaddle for newborns

if for me, i prefer swaddle.