Is breastfeeding in public okay?
Is breastfeeding in public okay?
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Yes, of course.
No, it's not.

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Yes, kaya lang yun iba tao judgemental. Kaya ibang nanay hirap o nahihiya magpabreastfeed in public. Pero go lang para sa anak! Proud breastfeeding mom here!

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Nakaka proud mag breastfeed anywhere, if you're too shy to show off the boobs may breastfeeding cover nman na pwedeng gamitin anywhere and anytime.

If i am forsed to look at saggy manboobs ewery summer, then i see 0 problem with someone seeing 5% of my nice boobys...

yes its natural! boobs shouldn't be over sexualized..they were made to nuture

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its absolutely fine but sad the world doesnt seem to be okay with it..

It's okay with the cover for Asian style

Oo pero mas maganda kung may pang cover sa inyo.

Yes but the mum must not show her puppies


Okay but use nursing cover is better

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Cover well n enjoy breastfeeding