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I'm on week 23 and on certain days, I feel baby kicks more vigorously. And some days, it's less than 10 kicks. Is it normal?

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Between week 17 and 24 is when you first start feeling babies kicks and movements. This is known as quickening. 10 times a day is just a general guideline or indication, it could be more or less. At week 23 it’s more important to start feeling the first signs of kicking and movement. Btw this app has a pretty food baby kick counter that you should use to track movements

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hi same here. i was wondering too if its normal. i try to get baby to move and i saw that they sleep 12-14hours a day. so maybe some days i'm too busy to feel the movement or i'm asleep. try talking to ur baby. as long as it responds and move shud be fine i guess.

same feeling may time na malikot at active may time na d masaydo malikot kya lagi ko chinecheck yung heartbeat niya

Hi, its normal. Do make sure that you do feel baby kicks everyday :)

pareho tayo mommy. 23 wks.graveh na sumipa c baby..

Its fine as long as there is baby movement on a daily basis. I also felt that too previously. All is well.