Urine very frequently

Hi. I'm on my week 12 of pregnancy and I've been urinating very often! How many times of passing urine is considered normal in an hour/day? I pass urine once or twice during sleep time at night too. Is it considered normal? I'm afraid if I've UTI.

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Very normal to experience this during first and third trimester :) just something you have to live with for a while…no fixed number of times which is considered “normal”. It’s only UTI if u feel pain, see blood or have fever. Just ensure to keep the area clean at all times, and you’ll be fine.

thank you! it's my 1st pregnancy so I'm very terrified over things like this and Google has a lot of answers too! which cloud my mind. 🤭 so will UTI affects the baby?

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thats normal! if accompanied by itching or redness then chances are UTI! anyways dont worry too much as UTI is common during pregnancy :) stay safe!

same here! at 12w and i wake up at least thrice some nights to pee too. but also cause I haven't been able to sleep well and keep waking up 😅