I'm very worried now. during my first pregnancy i do not have much nausea and my appetite was great. back then i produce alot milk now im into my 7mth pregnancy and nausea is still here..eating very little and not much nutrients...feeling depressed now cus im worried i wont be able to have milk for my second baby as i read somewhere that mums have to eat more during pregnancy to have more milk...hai....

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during my pregnancy i puke for 5 months. even after morning sickness went away, i also didnt eat a lot until i delivered. During my confinement i was still eating like a chicken. much less than my pre pregnancy portion. after confinement finish i suddenly eat a lot. even more than my husband. i think its my body knowing i need to breastfeed so my intake doubled/tripled... until my son is 8/9 months old then my appetite went back to normal. but my milk is still enuf for him. now he is 1yo already, and i am still breastfeeding. sometimes my milk let down will wet my breastpad and drip onto my shirt. essentially your milk volume depends on your baby's latching and nutrition. if you want more milk, dont be afraid of night feed. let your baby latch on as often as he/she wants. mine still having night feed at 1yo. 😂 nutrition wise, eat more fish, more soup, drink more water, eat healthy snack more. take fish oil capsule, salmon, cod, threadfin, beer (yes. beer.😁)... avoid mint, ginseng, cold stuff, bittergourd, too much of watermelon, old cucumber, citrus fruits(orange, grapefruits)... the above are my to go list and to avoid list of food. haha...

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Hi Mummy, Don't worry too much! Every pregnancy is different. It is more important now to keep yourself relaxed and try to get as much rest as you can. Feeling nausea or experiencing indigestion or heartburn is common for ladies in the third trimester. This could be due to hormonal changes and also the growing fetus that is pushing on the woman's stomach. You can try having more frequent and smaller meals. Also, try eating slowly and chewing your food properly to see if it helps. Hope you feel better soon!

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Don't worry unnecessarily. Staying positive is more important. Thinking of your baby while expressing milk or suring stimulation helps in milk production. Breast milk is about demand and supply. So long as you latch baby often, yr breast milk supply will b there. Don't worry.

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6y ago

thanks vanessa..jus can't help worryinf cus im afraid i will regret not eating more when i finally delivered and ended up with little if not no milk at all...:(

seriously if you dont eat much during your pregnancy can effect your breastmilk? now im worried. i never heard of it but if its true....im crying...since i cant eat alot bcs im going to vomit after that.

yes you must eat more

thats good dear