camera for new parents

I'm thking to get a better camera to capture my baby... My budget below 1k. Am I able to get any good camera or just stick with my smartphone camera.

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Definitely go for smartphone camera if you want to take quick shots. Kids do things in a flash and you will need a portable camera for ease of use. I got a huawei mate 20 pro for photography purpose. Professional cameras are bulky and u will need more than just kit lens (basic lens), more lenses like telephoto/wide angle etc. And they dont come cheap ;)

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I would say stick to a gd camera phone.. gd cameras would easily cost u above $1k with lens etc... Problem is heavy & lots of settings to play with. It depends if u want to develop the picture to wall paper or what. Else a gd cam phone would do the job. I have a Eos but seldom use it nowadays.

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Appreciated ur reply. Will take in consideration. Thanks alot

It’s my phone as it’s always next to me, easy to carry n I can keep capturing baby pics often.

Can consider sony mirrorless cameras, not bulky and easier to use as compared to normal dslr

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Yes, you can get good camera within your $1k budget. Canon EOS is a good brand

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Lumix has some affordable ones, otherwise camera phone still works well.

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Usually end up taking with smartphones cos it is always with you 😄

Phone camera is easiest plus quality is so good nowadays

Can consider Sony or a go pro as it’ll be under $1000

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I'll go for canon (: