Suspecting child’s Father cheating

Hello, I’m thinking to hire PI to prove to my child’s grandparents that their Son is meeting another girl outside and their relationship are not just friends. Has anyone hire PI before??

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I’ve never hired a PI before. But have you thought if you were to hire a PI, and your husband really is having an affair outside, what are you gonna do? Are you hiring a PI just to prove to your parents in law? Tbh, i think you should try talking to your husband first before hiring a PI and getting those incriminating photos just to “prove” to your parents in law. At the end of the day, the marriage is between you and your husband. Not your husband and your parents in law. There is no need to prove anything to them.

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3y ago

Cause the parents keep siding him , saying I’m just thinking too much and they’re merely friends. I want to prove them wrong and that their son is indeed seeing someone for around half a year. At the same time, I want to use it against him if he were to fight for child custody/visitation.