I'm still very lost and unable to come to terms with my current custody issues, I hope someone can help me logically come to terms with it. Basically me & my wife cannot get along and there was no violence or whatsoever. We have been living apart since Feb 2016 My son is only 10 months old and was not on breast feeding at all, I was taking care of my son since April 2016 for 5 days a week. On July 2016, she took the my son away and filed a custody order (GIA) on me since then I never had any genuine access to my son She put our son in infant care for the month of August. After I hired a lawyer when mediation fail on 15 August 2016, the court only recommended me Interim access for 9 am to 6 pm on Sunday and weird access time on weekdays which is not feasible. I feel very lost, why shouldn't we revert back to the old arrange pending the court case? I feel that anyone whom wants to win a custody battle can take the child away and don't give access to the child to get an advantage over the custody battle. I just want to come to terms with it but I can't logically, is eating me from inside. Anyone whom experience the same issue, please reply...

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Usually unless the court or u cn justify that the mum is not in the right sense of mind, or abused the kid, otherwise the kids will follow the mum. I've been thru divorce, mediation, child custody etc... After thru all the roller coaster, I had sole custody of my kid. Singapore has a woman's charter that protects the women... So they will also take into consideration for the case. and usually after what was given by the court for access visitation thn it's kind of fixed. u wan u go for visitation , don't wan to go also can BUT don't turn the table ard by saying she doesn't let u see the kid when u didn't go

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Did you took the child away and file custody?

Mostly children under 12 will pass the custody to the mum. Agree top, the sence or abused custody will be dad or the mother dont have place to stay or cant afford to feed the children custody will be the dad too.