which hospital is better in opinion

Im still deciding which hospital to book KKH or NUH and im staying at fajar if KKH will be nearer to my place

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I am currently on KKH private. Didn't have to wait during my detailed scans as they are very strict in keeping appt. For Dr appt usually 10 mins wait. the longest I waited was 30mins but that was when I arrive early.

Personal experience is NUH is much better! And Nuh is pro natural on giving birth. Appointment is always on time, the doc and nurses is awesome! I had so much help and support when I'm giving birth.

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for my first preg, i go KKH and the waiting time is so longggg. now currently i go for NUH and their appt is rlly on time. which is satisfying for me.

2y ago

and KKH give birth is just okay, idk about NUH tho . hahaha but i think it will be better than KKH.

Quite a subjective one to answer. We were at SGH and had a good experience. However other couples didn’t think SGH was good.

Personally NUH is good. The nurses are also patient and helpful. Sometimes they provide good tips and advice also.

I think for the situation now. Better you for you to go to nuh. My appt change because of the wuhan virus.

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Heard that NUH is way better. Going for my first appt next week at NUH :)

2y ago

Met up with the doc and they asked which hospital I’m going to for my appointments, then he gave me a referral letter to bring to the hospital of my choice. I’m going for subsidised first and might change to private after my 20+ weeks :)

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for nw, I think NUH better

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NUH is better, I think

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KKH is convenient