MIL wants to give my baby honey

I’m really angry and worried right now because my in-laws keep insisting on giving my 7-month-old baby honey. They believe it’s healthy and beneficial, but I know it can be dangerous for babies under 1 year old. Despite me telling them multiple times about the risks, they don’t seem to take me seriously. I’ve explained that honey can cause infant botulism, which is a serious condition caused by bacteria in honey that a baby’s immature digestive system can’t handle. I’m at my wits’ end because they keep pushing this, and I’m scared for my baby’s safety. It’s causing a lot of tension and stress in the family.

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I completely understand how concerning and frustrating this situation must be for you. It can be really tough when family members don't take our concerns seriously, especially when it comes to the health and safety of our little ones. It's great that you've been proactive in explaining the risks of giving honey to your baby, and it's important for your in-laws to understand the potential dangers. Maybe you could try having a calm and open conversation with them, emphasizing how much you care about your baby's well-being and how their insistence on giving honey is causing you a lot of stress. You could also consider providing them with reliable sources of information about the risks of honey for infants, such as articles from reputable medical websites or information from pediatricians. Sometimes hearing it from a professional can help reinforce the message. In the meantime, you might want to make sure that your in-laws are aware of other safe and healthy options for your baby, such as age-appropriate foods and snacks that are recommended for infants. This way, they can still feel involved in caring for your baby's health without compromising their safety. Remember, you're doing a great job looking out for your little one, and it's okay to set boundaries when it comes to their well-being. Stay strong, and hopefully, with time and patience, your in-laws will come to understand and respect your concerns. Hang in there, mama!

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My mom also didn’t believe me when I said that. But I said are you going to take responsibility if something really happens? Not worth the risk, can have other beneficial food for baby. Be firm and strict, and tell your husband to let them know too. Otherwise have to restrict them from spending time with your baby.

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That’s ridiculous!! Please don’t give in to them! It’s YOUR baby. Show them videos and honey is just a sweetener which will make your baby addicted to sweet stuff. Agree that there are many more nutritious foods to introduce your baby to.

argh! show them videos or articles about these facts, hopefully they get it in their head! What's the rush for them to insist on the honey, there are other foods that are great too 🙄i feel u sis.

Oh dear.. It's like another give them water to stop their hiccups. Can you take baby away from them? Are you staying w them? If no then try to avoid!

Possible to send them articles or make a trip down to the doctor’s with them to let them hear from the medical professionals?