I'm planning for a farmstay holiday to maybe Perth. Anyone has gone before? Can share some recommendations? For a family with 3 kids. Thanks!

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Hi! Thinking of planning a farmstay too! This are my "research" thus far for some inspiration. Thought to share as well. :) http://www.petitetravellers.com/2014/08/harvey-and-bunbury-farm-stay-and.html Her suggested itinerary looks fun and interesting http://www.wheressharon.com/australian-travels/hanging-cows-sheep-farm-stay-victoria/ The airbnb place recommended sounds like a good choice! http://www.expatliving.sg/Things_to_do/things_todo_news/Margaret-River-with-kids-Full-guide-to-family-fun-in-Western-Australia-78719.ece Short writeup but the suggested activities looks promising.. http://sg.theasianparent.com/child-friendly-farm-stays-in-perth/ some farm stays potential candidates... Sorry! Didn't have any personal experiences (yet!) but hope these would help a little. :)

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Hiya! Me and my partner are planning a roadtrip in Perth at the end of the year and we plan to stay at the Settlers Rest Farm Stay. It is accredited by the tourism board and comes highly recommended on TripAdviser :) Read that there's lots of attractions nearby and I'm especially excited to visit the Aboriginal Centre. http://www.settlersrest.com.au

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My fren just went to Settlers Rest in May. They love it and her kids get to feed the animals in the farm. She told me they only take in 1 family at any 1 time so you will have the whole farm to yourself.