Jelly discharge

Hello, I’m new here. Does anyone here knows what this means? It looks like jelly. It was slightly brown due to my old blood last menstruation. My mens started May 16 and this thing came out from me last june 6 after I had sex with my partner. Before that thing came out from me, I was struggling with lower back pain. A week later, the lower back pain is gone. June 11, Saturday I had sex with my partner and I felt pain on my abdomen. After that incident I’m struggling with permanent lower abdominal pain until now, but on my upper abdomen the pain just come and go. When I try to move, sometimes It triggered the pain on my upper abdomen, sometimes it didn’t. By the way, my expected period was june 14. Looking forward for your help to answer my query.😌

Jelly discharge
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It looks like old blood or maybe a discharge before your upcoming period. I would suggest you wait until your period is late until you check whether this can be a symptom of pregnancy or not. Most especially if your period is regular.