Recommendations for mosquito repellent?

I'm in a dengue cluster, want to get something for home. Any recommendations?

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I use this for the bedroom. Close the door, open the window, turn on for half an hour (nobody’s in there).. then switch off, close the window and open the room door. Then my LO goes to bed

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i use patch also make sure i don't have puddle of water and try my best not to leave any chance for them to breed.

You may want to try this. I bought it at Prime supermarket for $9.60. Wonder are you Pearlyn.

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2y ago

Nope not Pearlyn. Thanks though

mosquito coil! but burn when kids are asleep & keep your house well ventilated

Reminds me of the time when I bought permethrin for outfield during NS, haha!

Telon oil acts as insect repellent as well

Patches would work better for me

purifier add citronella

Anything with deet

Citronella oil