NIPT or Oscar ?

Hi, im going to do my first trimester screening in next 2 weeks (at week 11). I am currently 37 yo, 2nd pregnancy (1st one miscarriage). Which test would you suggest for me ah? Budget is not really a big problem for me as long as I get the better look of my fetus.. thanks in advance

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Hi. I did FTS in my 12th weeks, but the results came out as high risk, hence i was recommended to do NIPT by my gynae. And the result cane out as low risk. If budget is not an issue, NIPT would be better as it is much more accurate. Found that a lot of mommies finds oscar also give a lot of false positive. Anyway have a safe and smooth pregnancy :)

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1y ago

thx Hui Li! I initially already decided for NIPT but after hearing from others, likely will want to do the OSCAR too. Did you get your FTS result on the same day? for NIPT, you needed to come back on another day or you did it on the day you know the FTS result? Have a smooth pregnancy journey to you too! :)

My gynae recommended me to do both Oscar and Panorama due to stillbirth for my first child, which I did. So on wk12, I did the scan (which checks NT and other stuff) and dr also drew 5tubes of blood. Will be getting my results next week.

1y ago

Wow 5tubes that's quite a lot! Hope you receive good news next week!

Sorry to hear that. I had a missed miscarriage last year. NT thickness for my current pregnancy was higher than average though nasal bone found. I did panorama test to cfm low risk. But yah need to draw quite a bit of blood.

1y ago

ohh mine also missed miscarriage but early this year.. my current gynae suggested to take either NIPT or OSCAR. But, cos I read that OSCAR can pick up the structural abnormality too beside Down Syndrome risk calculation, now I am considering to take both. However, I find blood test from OSCAR test will be redundant since I will be gg for NIPT too.. take care yea dear!

Hi, I'm 38 also currently pregnant. I did both OSCAR and NIPT. If budget is not an issue, I recommend just do both. OSCAR check for structural abnormalities too, while NIPT is only a blood test.

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thanks for ur detailed explanation! yea I am afraid if I do the OSCAR, then result not so good (which I think because of my age, result wont be that good) , will still need to do the NIPT. I am actually thinking to do NIPT, and also just NT scan only (not with blood test that usually need to do tgt if do OSCAR). The blood test from OSCAR test would be redundant since NIPT is done too. Asked clinic already and they will get back to me in 3 working days.

NIPT is more accurate but OSCAR tests for a wider range of things, if you have the budget I'll say do both.

1y ago

thx Raven! it's good source of material. Actually, my current gynae asked me to get either OSCAR or NIPT. He is a specialist in high risk preg in NUH. I am still deciding..

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If budget not an issue just do both. There's blood tests and scans. If Oscar comes out as intermediate or high risk, usually gynae will recommend nipt. Oscar tend to give false positive results.

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do you think I shd just opt for NIPT since the result will take age into consideration? I am not that young..


NIPT doesn't matter of the age must always keep in mind that age is just a number, most importantly is mummy mentally n physically ready for pregnancy

1y ago

thanks for ur encouragement! I am actually quite anxious with test..

NIPT is a good to have. But it all boils down what u gonna so if risks r high.. I only did FTS as advised by dr..

I take NT and Panorama, even I'm 25yrs. becoz I can take 0 risk. I need the highest accuracy

1y ago

Thanks for ur reply! Yea I am also aiming for accuracy too!

I took both FTS and NIPT. honestly, it’s worth the money.