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I’m fully breast feeding my B.B. Everyday will have about 300ml extra breast milk for storage. Can’t clear the storage one as enough to feed her daily. What to do with the storage one? Thanks.

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Thanks for all replies. I did kept in freezer. But my freezer is fully load now. So I’m start milk bath for my lo. I tried to ask KKH for donation. But it’s not convenient for me to make a trip there during weekday. I’m really hope that I can donate it to benefits other baby also. :)

hi, I used to keep my milk for up to 90 days.... for emergencies, for when I travel etc. if you freeze your milk immediately after pumping, make sure everything is sterilized for storage, there's no reason why you can't keep. p/s I do throw them away after 90 days though

You can donate it! I did use some to bathe my baby and rotate the storage until my supply regulated then.

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I keep cos supply will go down. deep freezer I keep for 6mths. if not use for milk bath.

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perhaps either donate or milk bath? :)

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milk bath!