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Im a FTM with an aim to exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months. However, I encounter low milk supply to meet my baby demand. As a results, I resort to top up with formula milk. I am feeling very guilty as I cant seem to be able to keep up my supply.. Has anyone feel the same way as me?

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Stress can also result in low milk supply. I too, experienced low supply with my 3rd. But this isn't the end of the world. Many babies are formula fed and still grow up healthy. As long as mother takes good care of them, all will be well. 👍


BM works in supply and demand if you want to have enough supply keep latching and pumping or eat milk booster food. I had a infection at 12 month's supply almost dried up I manage to boost it back and continue till now baby 22 months

I had a low supply bm too. My 4 kids are all fm fed. Still grow up active and healthy. It's ok! Cos truth is they won't even remember and does not even care if they're bm or fm fed. All they need is your love!

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You are not alone. I was nt able to fully bf frm the start.. don’t think so much.. try yr best.. happy mummy=happy baby