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Hi I’m a ftm and looking for a pram that I can transition baby to toddler or even when their bigger. I understand prams are costly that’s why I would like to get one that I can use for as long as possible!! I’m afraid of fumbling around and not being confident to use it out. Any advice mommies on which to get?? I tried to read articles and reviews and visit the shops to test but there’s always so many options that I get confused. So your experience/advice and options would really help me!! Thank you in advance 🙏🏾

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I just bought a light cabin sized stroller from Joie. Used it from newborn till my boy is almost 3 now. I didnt want a bulky one and cz he alr has a proper car seat tt's fixed in hub's car, an easy foldable one is gd enough for us esp cz we travel often. Though he hardly uses it since he turned 2 but I still bring it on my travels and it helps when he decides to nap when we're out. It survived many journeys locally and overseas even to places with lots of stairs like Korea. It's worn out but still can be used. We bought a similar newer version for my soon to be 2nd born. Only tt for such simple strollers, u may need to buy infant seat inserts/liners to make newborns more comfortable but it's not expensive.

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Depends. I regret not getting a doona as I regularly would travel and honestly during the newborn period it’s either MRT or grab. I hate taking buses I tried to avoid taking it. If doona, it’s a car seat too. Can freely take vehicle without comprising baby safety. However there’s a weight limit, prolly can use up till baby is 10months ish? I got the combi neyo compact. Wasn’t the most compact, but their padding compared to other brands, is extremely comfortable.

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1 key point is the weight of the stroller. As it might be too heavy to carry around or load it onto the taxi if you are alone. Most strollers should be able to transition from infant to toddler, just get those with adjustable seats (laying down to sitting up position). Suggest not to get those 2 in 1 stroller + car seat cos that’s what I did and it ended up as a white elephant at home cos it’s too heavy to bring around.

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I’ve been using Keenz air (2.0) since nb till now (21m). My 6 year old sibling occasionally uses my stroller as well. You can try it out at Mothercare or babyfairs. Choose the one that you can handle on your own and also know which function you want the stroller for. For me, I need one with bigger basket space so my dogs can be in it with my LO on top so I went with keenz.

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I have one joie sma 4wd drift. Used mostly for nb time… after that when we travel we bought mimosa (tat time less than 100!) and tbh they r underutilized coz my ger doesnt wanna really sit in it 😅


i went for prams less than $100 which even tho i replaced thrice still came out to b more affordable than one pricey pram till 6yo

Tavo inno spin. 👍🏻👍🏻