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Hi mummies, how was your breastfeeding journey? I was overwhelmed as my milk was not ready when my baby was born so had to intro formula first. Only after the 5 days, my milk appeared but when I tried to pump my milk out but only a little came out. It made me stressed. There was alot of milk spilling too and but i can't seem to express all the milk out, only 30ml each time. Is this normal? Will my milk flow improved overtime?

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Have you did PP Massage or consult BF consultant during your time in the hospital? Either of them could help you. Yes, not everyone will have their milk supply "ready" after birth. It will take awhile before you will have lots of milk produce. Hence it is advisable either you consult or you do PP Massage and have them tackle your breast area. It could be milk duct or just the need to pump/latch properly in order to stimulate milk. You can also try lactation cookies/milk/tea/brownies to help you.

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hi , I too have the same issue as you , you should try anmum essential gold powder,it really help alot .. finally I get to pump quite a lot at least @ 50 ml of milk for baby