Single ward or double ward

I'm due to deliver in Oct. Still thinking if I should go with single or double bedder. Any advise?

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If money isn’t an issue, then I’ll recommend you to get the single ward as your partner will be able to help you with whatever is needed instead of having to trouble the nurses. Also, it’ll be good form of support to have your partner with you from the very start. :) And with the current covid restrictions, you’ll want baby and daddy to spend more time together, and the single ward provides that opportunity to do so. :)

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with covid now. I think there's a change in visiting hours right only 30 mins . you're lucky if cov test neg , mine was po+ and had to stay all alone with baby in my care . nurse won't get involved in taking care of my baby lol

Your husband can stay overnight with you if you opt for single bedder, but double bedder cannot. Single bedder can get more privacy when breastfeeding and rest too. Personally, i would think single bedder is better.

Hi all thanks for all the replies. Just did a hospital tour today and found out that for the 2 bedded, hubby can only visit for 30 mins. that made us decide to go for the single bedded.

8mo ago

hello. i gave birth last november at a private hospital. was supposed to get a single bedder but due to capacity, got downgraded to double and it wasn't that bad. my husband could stay throughout the day following the visitor hours. not sure if the 30mins is a new restriction or something.. privacy wise ofcourse single bedder but we mostly had our curtain close too so wasn't a problem for me

Took double bed. Rather spouse go home to rest than paying 90+ dollars sleeping on not comfy chair 🤣and baby usually be taken care at nursery. Nothing much for hubby to do.

8mo ago

Yes mine is in private hospital which also encourages us to breastfeed but also wants mummy to rest after the baby is done latching. Kkh do encourage bf but do note that they are also understaffed. (of cus rather the baby cry and stay with you)

single bed for privacy and spouse to stay over and accompany. he also took on the role to care for baby during the hospital stay.

if budget is not an issue, single bedder is better as husband can be with you. it's also more comfortable due to privacy