Single room or 2 bedder

Hi, I'm planning to deliver at Thomson, am considering between single vs 2 bedder room. Any advice? Which is better?

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1. Will you need your husband to be with you? If no then 2 bedder. 2. Will you be okay with your neighbour’s baby crying if they decided to keep baby all the way with them? (I kept baby with me during day time and ask nurse to wheel back nursery at night.) I took single room so hub can stay over. The baby in the single room next door was crying day and night (even wee hours) 😅 Thankfully my baby wasn’t very affected by the noise.

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7mo ago

Unfortunately no :( He will be asked to leave after visiting hours as they wouldn’t want the visitors to disturb the patients (your neighbour). At most grace period 10-15 mins when they come back and check again. (Provided your neighbour don’t complain)