Precautions for when family members meet baby

I’m due 2 weeks before Hari Raya and we’ll be celebrating it at my parent’s house with the extended family. I’m also currently staying with my parents so I’m not going out to celebrate. What precautions should I take when visitors come to visit and when they see the newborn? I will not be comfortable with my baby being passed around or kissed and I have no issues telling people off about that and I have already made it clear to my family members on what my boundaries are. Apart from that, anything else I should take note of or prepare myself for?

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Nothing aparts from rest and eat well. For me, I didn’t let anyone visit my baby before her first month vaccination (those staying together no choice lol). Even so, after her vaccinations, I only allowed a few close relatives to visit. You want to see, I can send you pictures. You no need to see the actual baby….. yet. Let me rest, let her finish her vaccinations. She definitely have more time for you to visit her than your time on earth. 😃

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