Covid+ 15weeks

Anybody got covid whilst pregnant? Hais it's so frustrating that I'm the one to bear the brunt when its my family members that were being nonchalant about covid precautions. Anyways, ladies do you have any recommendations on what I should do to protect myself and baby? Currently taking coconut water as I read it helps #1stimemom #firstbaby #pregnancy

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Im a FTM too and got covid at 15 weeks too. Started with high fever for 2 days and subsequently sore throat and cough.. only recovered after 10 days. I suggest go clinic and tell them you have covid and that u are pregnant. They will give you medicine that is suitable for pregnant ladies. I also went to kkh on day 3 as I had some cramps. But baby is okay. So felt reassured. However if your symptoms get bad, like constant vomiting or extreme cramps.. go down to a&e immediately. And if U do go to the kkh a&e, pls bring water and something to snack.. it can be quite a long wait. I’m not sure about coconut water as I hear that it’s too cooling for pregnant women. I relied a lot on water and soft diet.. and for sore throat I had warm honey lemon. I also felt very tired and sleepy. So spent most of the day in bed. Don’t worry mummy, you’ll be fine! Jiayou!

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i had covid at 12 weeks and just a few days before my first appointment with gynae. am vaccinated but still had high fever on first day (38.5). called MOH but they told me to either isolate at home or go to nearest GP. so decided to teleconsult and doctor said to isolate at home. they provided me with paracetamol few hours later which helps with the fever. informed my gynae on first appt and she told me that if we are vaccinated, it should be okay. Am praying for my baby.

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The first day i was tested covid positive was the first time i was tested pregnant!!🤣 It was so hard for me cause i had to focus on recovery while reading up on what's good or not good for baby. I didn't have fever, only mild flu and cough. I drank lots of warm water with honey & lemon everyday, ate fruits, lots of sleep. Tested negative on day 6.

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i had covid + on my 8 weeks even how careful we are and really seldom go out. rest well and recover. I ate fruits, vegetables & fish durng recovery week and lots of water. doc said nothing to worry since I had mild symptoms & fully vacinated + lots od prayer. I got negative test on 9 days. you'll be fine.

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Yea i caught covid 2 days ago 12 weeks in. Tomorrow is supposed to be my first appointment with gynae but have to postpone it. Advice will be to eat healthily, take some vitamin c supplements and get enough sleep. A healthy body can fight off the infection better

I had it at 16w with flu & cough but didn't get better after 3 days of rest+fluid+light food, so went to GP to get some pregnancy safe meds. recovered much faster after that and shortly after was negative. I'm 20w now and baby is healthy & active ☺️

I'm 12 weeks tmr. Having covid now, today day 4. My symptoms got so bad I went to KKH A&E. Had scan to check baby, all good. Baby is moving and kicking so much. Dr gave some meds, place on drips and I can go home to continue recovery.

i got covid when i was 6wks pregnant. Isolated at home and recovered in 4 days. Had high fever on day 1 but all is well. drank alot of plain water. at 12 weeks now and baby is well. u will get thru this 💙

Frankly speaking, now even if hygiene is super good, theres still chance of getting covid. Its like a norm. Rmb to keep urself hydrated n rest more. Ownself practice hygiene too..

i just recovered from covid pregnant now it should be fine if dr did not advise to go dr as baby is well protected in the amniotic fluid (waterbag)