Im currently at 34 weeks. The baby movements seems to be more, but some of the kicks are quite sharp and painful which sometimes lead to me feeling cramps and aches. Is it normal to have such pain caused by baby's movements?

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I am sure it's also Braxton Hicks. Practice contractions that contract your uterus to prepare for birth. If the are not regular and not too painful it's fine. But if they become regular and very painf
Yes, i experienced. its normal. if its more painful or even hurt you sometimes. just go to the doctor or chat with your doctor in a health consulting apllication named Halodoc. The doctor will give y
That's normal...
Yes. Same. I've this feeling too on 34week also. The movement of LO is quite painful + stomach tend to having hardening on and off...
It's not uncommon to have cramps and aches during your pregnancy, but if they're becoming very frequent and painful, I highly suggest you to go see your doctor!