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I'm 18 weeks pregnant now. The app shows by this week I should be able to feel baby's movements and kicks. But I don't feel any yet. I know each pregnancy differs. But when I search articles it is showing some experience baby's movements as early as week 16. But I am already at 18 wks 4 days. This is making me little worried. Should I consult my gynec sooner? #firstbaby please help

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Not everyone will feel their baby's first kick especially if you're pregnant with your first. Your baby have been rolling, moving, kicking and what not inside of you but you can't feel it yet. There's really nothing to worry about. You'll feel it's kick soon when your pregnancy progresses. Your uterus has just started to stretch with your 1st pregnancy so it is very normal not to feel anything yet. You'll feel much earlier with your subsequent pregnancies. So hang in there. Relax. There's really nothing to worry about.

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2y ago

Thanks a lot for the assurance! I feel better 😊

Thanks everyone for the responses. Like I said earlier though I know every pregnancy is different, sometimes a little assurance from others especially from experienced folks helps big time. Since it's my first time I am at times worried if something is abnormal. I don't like sharing these with elders for the fear of being judged. Thank you for all the help ❤️

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You probably don't feel it yet cause its your first pregancy. Same goes for me until i realised its not really a kick. You might feel tiny bubbles pop or just one pop out of the blue and it doesn't happen very often. You probably will feel the movement around 19 to 20 weeks

2y ago

Thanks momma 🥰 I can't wait!

I felt it close to 20 weeks. The movement is very subtle like fluttering, as baby grows bigger(late second trimester to third trimester) the movement is more obvious can feel punches jabs and kicks.

2y ago

Thank you so much! Hope I can experience it soon too 😊

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For all my babies i only felt em >19 wks only.. dont worry.. it will start out as flutters at first.. tiny bubble pops lol.. as wks gone by it will get stronger n u will know its a kick

2y ago

Thanks Nura! I can't wait to experience it 🥰 Thanks for the assurance