Headache during 2nd trimester

I’m currently at my 2nd trimester and been having headache almost on daily basis. Is it safe to eat Paracetamol almost everyday? Been taking 1-2 x a day. My Gynae approved me to take paracetamol. Any other alternatives to ease the headache part from drinking lots of water, eat fruits and vegetables?

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Super Mum

Yes! Ive had pretty consistent headaches even until 3rd trimester 😵. It really sucks and while paracetamol should be safe I don't think you should take it daily for a prolonged period as there are long term effects. For me it's because I couldn't have caffeine, so when I cannot take the pain I would drink some tea and it helps. Otherwise, lying down on bed, turning off the light and taking a short nap if possible also helped a lot.

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