Headache remedies 2nd trimester

Hi Mommies! Any suggestions for headache remedies. Daily headache at second trimester and I would like to avoid taking so much painkiller. TIA! #pregnancy #1stimemom #advicepls

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Hi! I used to have headaches and panadol and painkillers are my bestfriend. However on my latest pregnancy, i would drink green juice daily. I would freeze in ziplock bags and blend it and drink it so u get all the goodies (dark green leafy u prefer veg mixed with fruit and blend). It helps with your iron and i paired it with floradix iron herbal supplements and probiotics for it to absorb. Eversince then i did not consume any panadols! It works for me though🤗

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I feel you 😩. Not much can be done but I spam salonpas and medicated oil quite a bit. Ask hubby to massage once in a while. Dehydration might cause headache also so try to drink lots of water.

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Try to use vaporub instead of salonpas and medicated oil, it is not advisable to use during pregnancy

Headache will be worse when the weather is warm. I will switch on aircon and sleep. Drink lots of fluids. Have enough rest/sleep. Rub some axe oil on your temples

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Panadol. but do let ur gynae know as headache could suggest other preg condition like high bp or preeclampsia.

The only thing that has helped me is a nice bath after oiling my hair. Try putting oil in your head!

You may try apple, celery and cucumber juice. Hope it works for you.

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Normal panadol is fine and get plenty of rest...take care!

I usually drink 100 plus