Concerned about not gaining weight.

Hi all! I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant but I haven’t gain weight at all. I lost almost 5kg during my first trimester . Should I be worried? 😭

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Are you on duphaston or any other meds to increase pregnancy hormones? These types of meds will increase nauseous feeling and would make your appetite lower or even vomiting, in long run it will result in weight loss or stagnant weight. I reported this to my gynae and he told me that since I’m taking duphaston, the more I feel worse due to the increase pregnancy hormones, the more baby is thriving and doing well. To make me able to at least have better lunch and dinner, he advised me to take 1 pill in the morning and 2 at night. Once my gynae gave me sign to stop duphaston, my body was in revenge mode to get all the weight back. Discuss this issue with your gynae, I’m not sure if we have same conditions, but your gynae will surely know how to manage your pregnancy.

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2y ago

I’m not on any meds, will check with my gynae during our next appointment. Continue to stay strong mama! 💪🏻