OSCAR test?

Hi, I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant and my gynae has sent me to do an OSCAR test 2 weeks later and subsequently a NIPT test at 14 weeks (due to vanishing twin, I'm doing the NIPT test later). I have read that the OSCAR test often give false positives, in that case, why gynae even bother to still do OSCAR test? By the way I'm 38 so kinda high risk and worried now.

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Maybe because NIPT can’t see the structural abnormalities , I mean they don’t test that. If you go for both tests, end results may be the same which is finding the risk of DS, however oscar can see if there is any structural abnormalities.

11mo ago

oh yes, thanks, I didn't know that.

check with your gynae I was 40 during my 1st pregnancy and did my NIPT at week 11 38 is not high risk, don't worry!

4mo ago

not really 🤔 can't really remember 🤣 I don't think so cause I was at work during my 1st pregnancy, whenever I feel sleepy I will walk around, keep myself active at all time