Intermediate risk OSCAR test result

Hi mummies, anyone of you had an OSCAR test. Then the risk assessment results is at the borderline. 1 in 890. Not under low risk or high risk but intermediate risk. Offered a NIPT test by the doctor. Did anyone of you took the NIPT test? Just curious about what's everyone decision about this

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My result was intermediate as well. 1 in 700+ cos baby’s nasal bone couldn’t be detected. First doctor also pushed me to take NIPT test. Went for a second opinions and did some research that the nasal bone might grow later / smaller for asian babies so decided to continue and wait till week 20 detailed scan to check again. All my markers are healthy anyway! My husband and I decided to keep the baby no matter what so NIPT didn’t matter plus the anxiety is stressing me out so decided to just take it easy and have faith in baby :) ultimately, it is your personal choice for a peace of mind and how you decide to cope with it. hope this helps!

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My OSCAR result for T21 was intermediate risk as well (1 in 700+), due to my blood test which result was a lil over the normal range. Doctor didn’t pushed for NIPT, just mentioned it is up to our own decision. In the end I proceed with Harmony test as I wanted a piece of mind. In the end result came back as low risk :)

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Oscar test have a lot of false positive . I did nipt test right from the beginning. If this intermediate risk does not bother u/ u gonna keep the baby no matter what, no need go for nipt. However, if u are making a decision based on the test result. Go for nipt

My doctor asked me too to do NIPT test. I also have some doubts about that.

8mo ago

So you do the NIPT test in the end? Cause all the test markers for me is actually normal but cause of the calculator I fall under intermediate risk. I wonder is it because of my age 28. If that's the case, next pregnancy I will not take OSCAR test anymore. Cause it will be very likely to fall under intermediate risk again.