Hi, do you still eat sushi when you are pregnant 🤰?

I'm craving for it

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Yes I ate seared sushi on a regular basis, at least half cooked is safer🤣 I’ve heard of quite a few preggy moms eating raw sushi and sashimi but must be prepared fresh and at reputable restaurants. Try to stay away from those chain conveyor belt sushi joints/buffet spreads where they leave the sushi and sashimi out for quite awhile.

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I ate sushi and sashimi. It must be from reputable sources. I ate it all the way till I delivered. No issues faced. I agree with staying away from belt sushi and supermarket ones where they are left out for long periods.

Yes, I ate a few times at reputable restaurant. But only seared fish sushi and avoid eating shell fishes like prawn, scallop etc. And all is good so far for me!

Yes I ate, including sashimi, at Genki Sushi. As long as you consume those raw sashimi at reputable restaurants, it’ll be fine!

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I only eat those cooked ones. Better to be safe than sorry!

I crave for sushi but I didn’t eat the raw one .


yes I went for babymoon in Japan too had uni too.

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yes cookes food only. no raw... play safe

Only the cooked ones like kani and tamago

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Those cooked ones should be fine(: