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I’m already in 32 weeks, I’m afraid the vaccine will have side effects on the baby. Any mummies taken their vaccine in third trimester?

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I just had my first dose on Friday, 24/9 mummy.. The injected area sore only.. Now okay.. May God blesses us all preggy mummies with perfect pink of health, peacefulness, calmness and happiness in our heart, mind, body and soul… ❤️❤️❤️

Hi hi, different people different reaction. Even when people say no negative effect all this, still you just listen to yourself. If you feel you wanna wait till you give birth then wait, by all means.

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Me 🙋🏻‍♀️I have sore arm for like 2 days only and that's it. Nothing serious like fever or anything else that others mentioned (Depends on your body) and it is safe for baby!

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1st dose @ 28weeks , no side effects 2nd dose today @ 31weeks. currently arm sore ,no fever but just feeling tired. was highly recommended by my gynae to get the covid vaccination

Yup! Took in my 36th week, doctor told that if I deliver by the time I need my second dose, I can just reschedule. So far for the first jab I only had soreness, no fever.

Hi I took both dose of vaccine in my third trimester. 1st dose 32 weeks. 2nd dose 35 weeks. So far only sore arms and body aches. No fever. Baby moving as per normal.

I had my first dose at 34 weeks and second dose at 37 weeks and delivered my baby 7 hours after the second dose. Baby is 3 weeks old now and has been healthy so far!

yes many mummies have. your body will process the vaccine so side effects affect the mother, not the baby.. many have reported only sore arm and fatigue.

I took my 2nd jab at week 28 and 1st jab on 25wks. So far nothing happened only some sore arm after the vaccination.

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Hi there, Studies have shown that the vaccine does not have any negative effects on the baby. So don’t worry!

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thank you :)