Epidural or not?

Hi! I’m 6 mos pregnant. I’m researchig and prepping my birth plan. I really am open to have an epidural if the labor is really painful. I mean I’d like to see how it goes pag nag le-labor nako. tanong ko lang if you would recommend it? how was your experience for those who had it?

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In my opinion mommy, hangga’t kaya na wala wag ka paepidural. Even sa research sinasabi na mas high likely ma CS ang nagpapaepidural kesa sa hindi. Unfortunately that’s what happened to me. Ininduce kasi ako (which I also regret) so hindi gradual ang progression ng contractions ko. It became too painful in a matter of minutes nashock and stress ako kaya pumayag ako paepidural with my first pregnancy. Nastress din sj baby so bumaba ang heartbeat hence the emergency CS. Hoping NOT to do the same with this second pregnancy.

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