Clogged milk ducts

Having a real pain on my left breast, tried pumping but very little milk.. My left breast is so numb that i couldnt sleep the whole night... any suggestion? 😭

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Fill up a baby bottle with warm water and roll it over the area towards your areola. Do it for 7-10mins. Then massage your breast including rolling ur nipple and areola. If you have a hakaa, fill up the hakaa with epsom salt and soak your nipple for 5-10mins. Continue to massage don’t give up! I always get clogged ducts and i know the pain! If all else fails, you can call a lactation masseur to help you. I have a contact let me know if you need her contact. She’s my boob whisperer. All the best!

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2y ago

hey many thanks for your reply appreciate it much.. though massaging itself is painful, will keep on doing it.. many thanks once again!!