Bleeding and cramp

I’m 4 weeks 7 days pregnant now. I’m having bleeding like having period and tummy cramp. Is it normal? I’m afraid.

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Bleeding during pregnancy it’s not normal, pls visit your Gynae as soon as possible.. I had low placenta and had spotting during my pregnancy. I had medi, jabs and bed rest during my pregnancy. Thankfully baby came out healthily at 40+1w

2y ago

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I am afraid not a good sign, please consult your gynae ASAP. Be strong and hope for the best !

Im afraid it is not a good sign. I had this at 6 weeks plus. Pls be strong. Hw are you now?

Hi, Please check with your gynae asap on this. Hope everything will be fine

Go A&E, might be an miscarriage . I had experience this before.


don’t seems normal, please go see gynae asap. take care!

2y ago

Ok thanks dear

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Best to consult your gynaecologist asap take care!

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Please go to the hospital immediately


Not normal please see your gynae asap

It’s gone. I’m so sad and heart pain.

2y ago

Cheer up ! Everything is going to be find !