Positive pregnancy test and bleeding

Hi, can I ask is it normal to have bleeding flow like period? I checked my urine for 3 days straight and it shows positive, but the next day I’m bleeding. What’s going on? Am I have implantation bleeding or I’m having my period? But how could I be having period and have positive test at the same time?

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How heavy is the flow? Generally, you should not be bleeding heavily once you’re tested positive for pregnancy. However, I have a friend who bleeds like normal period throughout 9 months of her pregnancy and her doc from Parkway East confirmed that it did not harm the baby at all. Her baby came out as healthy as a horse. Some people go through different pregnancy symptoms. Most bleedings are caused by implantation but you still need to be careful. To ease your mind, do consult a doc ASAP. They can provide you some medication to support the pregnancy. Take care.

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If ure pregnant u are not supposed to bleed like a menses flow..