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Im at 37wks 4Days. Went to A&E this morning due to contractions, however no bleeding or waterbag burst.. technically i wasn't in labour so i opted to go home. Just curious how long does it takes for 1cm dilation to progress to labour.. and at how many cm dilation should i be to get in labour? I am so tired already.....

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The other mummies are right, the contractions you experience should be Braxton hicks and you'll experience a few of those nearing the labour. I was stuck at 2cm for 2 weeks. There was barely any progression until I went for induction. If this is your first pregnancy, it might take a while. But do monitor for any signs of real labour like mucus plug or the obvious is waterbag burst.

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That is called a 'braxton hicks'. It feels like contraction but not as frequent as the real contraction. Really depends on individuals on how fast you can dilate. Some may take just minutes, some hours, some days. Since you're already in full term, do a lot of walking and squats. This really helps your cervix to dilate.

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To reach active labour (4cm, regular contractions), it can take days to maybe about 2 weeks, honestly. It’s highly variable. But if your contractions get more regular, hopefully the progression will be faster:)

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I believed you’re experiencing braxton Hicks, not the real contraction. It’s still early. You will know if it’s contraction! Rest well