Does long walks really helps to make labour easier and faster?

Im at 37weeks 5days.. For the last two months i will go for a walk for at least 4km once every week.. but now i get tired easily and dont feel like going for a long walk anymore.. to be honest i dont even feel like doing anything ahaha.. so does walking really helps to induce labour? Need your advice guys thanks :)

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They say if you don’t want to go for long walks then do squats at home, go up and down the stairs, walk to and fro your corridor and have sex on alternate days. For me, I hate walking for long cause it’s really tiring waddling everywhere with a big tummy. I couldn’t even squat cause I’m already plus-size and I don’t exercise so squats is totally out of the question cause I can’t carry myself up without holding on to something or someone, lol. Walking up and down the stairs makes me breathless so I also didn’t do it. Sex is out the window with my huge tummy. And I barely walk to and fro my corridor. My 1st pregnancy was in 2020 so it was the start of covid with circuit breaker so most of the time laze at home. I only gave birth at 40 weeks via emergency c-sect because my 3.7kg baby didn’t want to come out even after 10cm dilation. As for you, just do what you can I would say and leave the rest to God and fate.

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9mo ago

I’m 31 weeks along.. Already dreaded walking too much coz I hv pubic girdle pain. Squats is out too.. I shall opt for sex on alternate days then 🤣🤣

I wld say yes… my job requires me to stand. I gave birth at 36 weeks as I walk home to and fro work and standing for long hrs. Water bag broke and labour lasted for 13 and a half hours. Pushed for half an hour and Baby came out.

I had sex once/twice weekly, moderate walks and squats in my 3rd trimester but didn’t help in inducing my labor. At week 39 gynae advised my to induce as my baby is losing weight.

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I’m only in my 11 weeks and all I want to do is sleep… appetite very poor very tired and sleepy…

9mo ago

Don’t worry, trust me that 2nd trimester will be better. All your energy will suddenly reappear. Hang in there, 3 more weeks to go!!

if u wanna induce, sex is the best way tbh.. loosens the cervix