Pelvic Pain at 35 weeks

Im at my 35 weeks and having pelvic pain on the right side only..the pain is more intense when getting up, turning around when lying down, bending and walking.. Doctor said its normal cause of baby weight. Its very hard to move around. Should i be worried?

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I am having it too at 35-36 weeks. Gynae says it’s normal. Mine concentrates around the groin.. I found out it’s called SPD - symphysis pubis dysfunction. The maternity belt helps but pain goes down most effectively when I rest and don’t walk too much. Don’t balance on one leg e.g. when putting clothes on. Sit down to do it... and when getting in and out of cars and turning in bed, try to keep knees together and just try to take it slow :)

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Ako nga din sumasakit sakit na sya sa puson sya masakit 35 weeks.. I kmow to early pero walang mucus plug na lumalabas so thanks God 🙏😇.. Nagpaparamdam na ata sya hehe stay reLax lang kht masakit syempree 😊 Breath in and breathout

Me too and I’m at my 34 weeks. My gynae gave me HL till the day I give birth in April. The pain is very intense and I have difficulty walking, getting in and out the car, get out of the bed as well due to the pelvic pain. ☹️

yes normal. i am 36 weeks pregnant. just do lng the walking and kegel excercises tska kapag ntutulog sa left side then mglagay ng pillow in between ng knees

me same too .. but nothing to be worried about .. unless if the pain wont go away and its really hurts .. i think you should go to hospital right away ..

Try to wear a maternity belt. It helped me alot during my third trimester, especially during my work which demands alot of physical activities.

ganyan din sakin mommy, sa kanan lang na side nasakit tas pag natayo sobrang sakit. yung parang sa baba ng pelvic bone naman sakin yung joints ata yon

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for goodness sake please type in English. not everyone is understands Tagalog

Yes normal. I had it frm 28 weeks😅 u can try getting a belly support belt- it helps me a little but getting up is still painful.

normal po ba masakit ang puson sa gilid but not always naman at my 36weeks...first time mom po

Normal and there's nothing your gynae can do also. Try to rest more and do Kegel exercise. It helps for me.