No Movement Felt Today

I'm 21 weeks pregnant now. Didn't feel any baby movement today. I am worried now. Is it normal?

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Super Mum

Movement around this time is not very clear yet, if you don't focus you might miss it. Can you try to lie down, relax and focus on your body? Most likely you will feel something. Some people say you can drink some cold water too. But if you really feel something is wrong don't hesitate to head to the doctor. Take care

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Can try some sugary drinks, u may feel it. Or depends on ur placenta if its front facing like mine, it took a while to really feel

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is this your first preg? if yes, it might be later a bit. but, you can try to lie down and you might feel clearer.

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Try to walk more and move around. On some music, place at your tummy. It kind of works for me previously 😊

Keep track for a while more. If you're really worried, check in with your gynae

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Normal. Will feel more freq with time

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Normal to be a bit inconsistent