Cramp Over Lower Abdomen

Hi, I'm 20 weeks n 5 days pregnant, I'm experiencing lower abdomen cramp and had just seen my gynae yesterday which he assured me that it is ok as my round Ligament is stretching due to first time pregnancy. But I'm still worried. Anyone has the same problem and how do you manage it?

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Me too.. 1'm 20 weeks pregnant.. I also experiencing the same, tapos palagi pa ako nahihilo, to the point na ng ba'black out talaga paningin ko, matagal din ako makatulog almost 2am na minsan.. 😢 Last week pa sana sched ko for check up but bcoz sa lockdown hindi ako naka pa check up.. And ng hahanap nlng sana ako ng open na OB clinic, peru wala pa din akong nakita. 😢

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2y ago

Mababa dugo ko sis,dapat mayniniinom kang kain ka rin ng gulay,bawi k nlang po sa kain kong matagal k makatulog,ganyan rin ako eh,kya binibgyan ako maaming vit.galing sa center ,,,

You need to get more rest, Also, try: - Lying down on one side (preferably left), with the knees bent and pillows between the legs and under the belly - changing positions slowly - soaking in a warm (not hot) bath - applying a heating pad - wearing a maternity support belt - taking acetaminophen - practicing prenatal yoga

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Round ligament pain is a sharp stabbing pain and it's normal during pregnancy because your belly is growing. You can feel pain even when you're sneezing. So hold your tummy when you feel like sneezing cos it helps. Nothing to worry about unless the pain is accompanied with bleeding.

I’m 19 weeks along and feel cramps too, and mine lasts a few minutes. Usually happens when I get up from lying down or lie in same position for too long. Dr also told me it is due to round ligament and uterus stretching, and said that it’s normal as it goes away after a few minutes.

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As long as your gynec confirmed it's okay, nothing to worry about. I'm also week 20 currently. I used to have slight pain until few weeks ago. But my pain was temporary (like lasts for less than a minute) It could be because the baby is growing and making space for himself

2y ago

same here, 20 wks and 2 days as well. and the pain i felt would only last for a minute ..

Experiencing it at the moment. Pero sa lwft side naman ung sakin. Nararamdaman ko din humagalaw si baby sa left side lower belly ko kaya nagwoworry ako bakit. May nararamdamn ako sakit na parang ugat na naiipit.. Tolerable pain naman xa

Same with me po dumating pa sa point na syempre 1st time ko po gabi ako nag tanong sa ob ko ayun pina ER ako. Pero that's ok daw po as long as hindi matagal and pag pinahinga mo nawawala din agad. Basta if something na di ka po sure tawag agad sa ob 😊

Same here. It is painful and i worry sometimes. Currently at 20 weeks 3 days. But since they say it's normal, I am just dealing with the pain. I try to relax and move slowly, drink water and breathe in and out. 😍 distracted myself by watching tvshows etc.

My round ligament pain can get so bad it's like a sharp stabbing pain I cannot move at all. i cannot stand or even reach out for my glass of water. They say it happens when you sneeze or when you stand up but mine can happen ANYTIME and it hurts real bad.

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Oh just my husband rubbing my back.. Nothing professional but it did provide some relief. You can check out prenatal massages too! I'm considering one during my 3rd trimester cos running after my 16mo right now is definitely tiring my muscles out more