Lower abdomen cramp, is it a bad sign

Is it something to worry? My lower abdomen cramps mildly. Is it normal to have mild cramps at week 3/4? My period should come next week as I am 5 weeks cycle period, but I found out I am already pregnant. I had history of chemical pregnancy twice and all I remember was bad cramp and period came right on time and I lost the baby. I am now on duphastone hoping to carry the baby to full term. I worry it’s another chemical pregnancy.. Can any mummy who has successful pregnancy share with me if the cramp at lower abdomen is normal?

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Implantation cramps around week 4 feels like menses cramps for me. Best to try testing when your period is due, as now may be too early to detect hcg levels. Have faith!

3y ago

Already tested positive on 3 kits. Worried I will lose it again this time.

I had severe cramps that felt like menses cramps at week 4 to week 5. But no menses and tadang! Tested positive! 😊

3y ago


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