Pain when peeing & pass motion after c-section

Hi, I’m 2 weeks in after my c-section delivery. I feel a sharp pain when I pee and also, feel constipated badly after my c-section. Is this normal? Sometimes my stool feels very hard when I pass motion which cause me to feel the pain when I urine. Anyone can advise or share your experience.

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get lactulose! help to soften stool so u can poop without straining too much. but it takes time and not immediate. for me after 1 week i no longer feel any pain. if u are really constipated, use fleet. get ur hubby to help. i had the nurse to give me fleet before i discharge. lol

I take stool softener for the 1st week and stopped after that. Subsequently peeing and pooing were okay and everything went back to normal.

Yesss very normal. Some more csection incision is very low. Can take stool softener

sharp pain upon urine like burning? could be a sign of UTI

Get stool softener from your gynae