When will i start to feel my baby’s movements?

Im 14 weeks now. This is my first pregnancy.

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Every pregnancy is different but mostly from 20 weeks onwards you shall start feeling baby movements

Me po 1st pregnancy po nafeel ko si baby mga 17 weeks but not so sure. But nung nag 18weeks ako nafeel ko na siya makulit siya sa gabi lalo pag nakahiga. 19weeks now. 😊

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Hi. Most of the users here are based in Singapore, our main language is English, and we actually do not understand Tagalog at all. Appreciate your kind intention to share, but perhaps in future you could consider replying in English since the question was asked in English?

I think every pregnancy differs. This is my first pregnancy but I started feeling flutters in week 18. By end of week 19, the kicks were full blown. Gynae said it could be because I have no “padding” or “reserves” around my middle that’s why I felt it so early 😂

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I have read articles mentioning we should start to feel the kicks by week 16. I'm week 20 currently but haven't felt any kicks yet. I was a little concerned too. But my gynec assured everything is fine and for first timer sometimes it takes longer to "feel" the kicks while the baby might already be kicking. My personal suggestion will be don't compare with others or articles. As long as your gynec confirms everything is fine, don't worry 😊

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same here 19weeks &5days dku pa na feel kicks ni baby laging pitik2 pa Lang 🥰FTM here

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First pregnancy for me and I started feeling at around 20-21 weeks. It's one of the most wonderful feelings :)

Around 20 weeks or so

around 20 weeks

i heard 1st preg feel later. i felt at 23rd weeks

20th week

about 20 weeks plus minus