Tailbone pain

Hi mummies, anyone experiencing tailbone pain so bad that you can’t walk? I’m at week 11 and having painful tailbone on and off for a few days already.. It’s more on my left side and it hurt so bad when I try to move my left leg. I called doctor and he says it’s normal. But husband is worried I might have slipped disc. Is it really normal for pregnancy? #pleasehelp #firstmom #firstbaby

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Yes it’s normal. I had it too in early pregnancy. Now I’m 29 weeks and it just gets worse, spreading down to the back of my thigh. It’s called sciatic pain I believe, and it’s off and on for me. I find that light stretching and switching positions when lying down does help.

2y ago

I stand up and put one leg on an elevated ground (stairs or a stable chair) and just do a high lunge kind of stretch. It helps momentarily but at least better than nothing 🥲 at work, add cushions to your chair and get up to move around abit every hour. if it’s getting too bothersome perhaps you can check with your gynae if there’s any medication he/she can prescribe you for the pain?