vagina hurts after sex

I am currently in my 3rd trimester. My partner and I havent had sex in about 2.5 months. And when we did it last night, the penetration was so painful, it was like my vagina was stinging. After we were done, I went to shower and the water touching my vagina hurts so bad, so I took a small mirror to check. There was a small skin tear near my perineum. Does this mean I am likely to tear more during natural birth? I am so scared, if it hurts so much during sex, wouldnt it hurt so much more when baby's head comes out 😭#firsttimemom #anyadvice #pregnancysex #perinealtear

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Yupsss! Normal to feel pain and stinging when doing the deed esp in 3rd trim. I was feeling it esp in 3rd trim. As our vagina is more sensitive, drier and if you notice, your vagina and pubic area will get “swollen” as you are nearing your edd, explains the pain.