If you or your husband absolutely loves music and is someone who wouldn't miss to perform either in the church or any gigs (usually for a living) would you desperately encourage your child to embrace the skill - for that matter - and if s/he's not born to sing, enrol him to vocal classes?

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I will bring along our child with us every time so he'll be exposed to what we are doing. From there, we'd be able to gauge if he's really into the skill/hobby or not. If not, I'll let him be. I'll help him find the skill that is innate in him and develop it.

Not naman force. Maybe give lang the option to try, kasi after all, di ba how can we know a child's talent unless they try their hand at it. There are also some skills naman that can be developed. We just need to know a their interest :)

I will ask my child if she wants to try but I will not force her if she doesn't want to. If she likes it, I will enroll her to vocal classess so she can reallt improve.

i'll bring him with us. so he or she can appreciate music. but if he doesn't like music we'll just let him.