If your helper breaks expensive stuff is it fair to deduct their salary? The helper broke a $2000 vase which I said to be careful

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I agree with the majority here - don't deduct her salary. At work, we are usually always given a stern warning first before we get penalize and I think it's only fair to extend that to domestic helpers as well. $2000 vase is an expensive piece to be losing and I can understand your pain but your vase is replaceable (I assumed since there's no mentioned of any sentimental value) but should you deduct her salary, it would only mean lesser money for her to send to her family. Less money, less food for her family back home. Give her a warning, but also be firm that there should not be a next time. I am sure she will be appreciative of the chance that will be given to her.

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How many months will compensate for the $2000? 5? That's almost like a quarter of her time here on top of her debt repayment of 6 months without salary. If you can afford a $2000 vase then I hope that you can afford to let it go. Your employer doesn't deduct your salary for losing a deal, neither do they deduct your salary for mistakes that you make right? Not being rude and I know its heartache for you but cut them some slack too. The next time round it happens then you could probably do a deduction but warn her first for now.

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I have had part time helper who came to clean the house on a regular basis. They were trained but one of the helper seemed not to pay attention to the furniture and items around. Even though she did not damaged any item, she almost broke some of my wine bottles and glass items. If the helper breaks expensive stuff, it depends how the punishment can be carried out. Asking her to pay the full sum may be too high an amount for her. also, speak and explain to her calmly so she can understand the situation.

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oh dear :( yea, i think it's fair to deduct so it lets her realise the importance of being mindful, especially if it's something so pricey. is this the first time she has broken something? talk to her and explain the rationale behind what you have in mind. as for the value to deduct, it's really up to you i guess... since their pay is not alot either...

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Oh dear. Sorry to hear about your vase! I wouldn't be too hard on her if this is her first time. Mistakes happen (sometimes at a cost)... but she didn't do it on purpose (remember that). Tell her to be mindful and alert from now on. If it happens again, then perhaps you can let her know that you will have to cut her salary for it.

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Oh my. If this is her first time, just talk to her. In the first place, breaking the vase was not intentional. Consider the salary that she earns and the family that she supports if you deduct her salary for that vase. If and when this incident happens the second time around, maybe then you can do a deduction.

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did you never break something someone told you to be careful with? Did you do everything to avoid accidental breaking? maybe put the expensive stuffs in one place she does not access to avoid future accident; and if she's too clumsy for you, it seems like a sign you should not be working together

Definitely with the majority here. Accidents happen and we can only start taking precaution. If you know for sure if wasn't of malicious intent, I bet she already knows it's value and it would be really be an unlucky accident. Taking it out of her salary won't fix anything.

I wouldn't deduct her salary. She obviously didn't do it on purpose so that would be unfair. Instead, I will have a serious talk with her about being more careful not only because she might break another expensive piece of furniture but for her own safety as well.

I would not. It could be my family member who have broken the vase and of course I could not charge them. Lesson learned is that to keep your valuable items somewhere safe and clean it yourself. This way, you won't be holding anyone accountable for it in the future.