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Did you and your partner disagree on baby names at first?

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Hahaha me and my fiance have been "arguing" about baby names since we were dating, can only get more annoying when we're pregnant I'm sure. He likes unique names (read: names you'd find in fantasy books/movies/games) -- they're okay not too strange but I was that girl in class with the long unique name that teachers would struggle to pronounce so I know how irritating it can be no matter how much I love my name. I'd rather a classic name, so we have come to a compromise, classic first name and the middle name can be from Game of Thrones or Star Wars whatever hahaha.

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Oh yeah. We've argued about this quite a bit. He has the weirdest taste in names and horror of horrors, he wants to name one of them after my MIL. Nothing against her but me and my MIL don't really get along and I cannot imagine looking at a little girl and remembering the woman who makes my life difficult lol. So if he wants a weird fantasy name, I'd cave in just so long he doesn't name the child after my in laws (or my parents; to be fair)

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haha.. have yet to consider this.. probably will be a peaceful discussion. Personally feel that deciding on a name is a huge responsibility on the parent's end. That's how your child will be identified by for his/her own life! I really liked that my parents came up with my name based on their own perceived "theory/meaning" of what my name means. Kind of gave me a sense of "purpose", to live up to what they hope I will be. :)

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Both of us hated the names the other liked. He wanted to name our daughter Sallyn (?!?!?!) and I suggested Chloe and Shayna at first. I ended up going with Elise. I chose her Korean name. It's not easy to find a name both of you agree on. Perhaps you both could each come up with a list of names you both like and exchange it. Strike off the names you don't like and see what's left.

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we disagreed with names, usually his was very ugly and not in our language, it was usually latin :(. so we went through the alphabet with our top choice for names in that letter, agreed yes or no, came up with a shortlist, then I got the final win. my husband isn't set yet but ive already started telling everyone thats our baby name :p

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Yes. That's for sure. After months then we came out with a name which both of us love it! We r watching wwe together n this wrestler by the name of Dean Ambrose came out. We looked at each other n said 'Ambrose. Let's name our Son Ambrose' and that's how our Son gotten his name!

We did, but I "won" because I said I am the one who's carrying our baby for 10 months, go though unbearable pain just to pop him out through a tiny hole, and looking like a sloth for the rest of my life since he basically remains unchanged. Hahahah

Though, we both are two different people in our thinking and overall outlook but somehow we agreed on the name of our baby. Yes, the final word was mine, but the trick was that I always make him feel that it was his choice which I agreed upon. :)

I was the only one who thought and decided what name to give our 4 children. 19 years of marriage and i'm raising them alone. ☺ it must have been a sign.

It's a sweet process arguing what my baby's name shall be. We both agreed with vintage name "Charlotte" which seems quite common now too.