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If i pump then only like 4 drip of milk come out, how to power pump like this? No more milk comes out after that tiny drops. How to power pump with VERY VERY LITTLE AMOUNT OF MILK? :'(

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😭😭😭😭😭 I feel you!!! I used to pump hundreds in a day! Now I can only express 15ml in 24hrs you know! And my baby doesn’t want to latch anymore. I still keep going because I can mix with her solid food or put in food cube tray for soothing teething gums with whatever little amount of milk I can get.

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1y ago

I was given Fenugreek by hospital but it can cause gas in babies. I took for 2-3 months. I can yield 300ml on 1 pump session when I took that. But baby had serious gas. You can try Legendairy brand also, good reviews.